PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

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What is PTA?
The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a partnership between parents and educators
who strive to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of the students within the
school. It is also a forum for parents to obtain knowledge and voice their opinions
about what is happening in their school.

The Role Of PTA
The role of the PTA is to build strong relationships among parents, teachers, and the
school community. This can include recruiting and coordinating volunteers, providing
special recognition in awards ceremonies or through other activities,
organizing parent education events, planning teacher appreciation activities and much

Who Can Join PTA?
Anyone can join PTA. Parents, family members, friends, teachers, and community
members can join our school PTA. You can go to and search for
Harlingen CISD, then, Memorial Middle School PTA.
Thank you for taking an active part and supporting Memorial Middle School PTA.

What Is My Responsibility As A Parent If I Join PTA?
In a world where everyone's time is precious getting people to join a PTA can be
difficult. As a parent, you decide to what level of participation you want to have….
Whether you are volunteering some of your time at a school sponsored PTA event or
perhaps you want to be a member of PTA without any obligation to volunteer at
school events. Although PTA would welcome any parents that have the availability to
volunteer, PTA recognizes that not all parents have time to do so.
PTA will never pressure you to volunteer.

Ways Memorial PTA Supports The Students And School
  • Assists in facilitation of PTA Reflections Program
  • Hosts 3 PTA meetings to receive input from parents and school members as well
    as discuss new business and any unfinished business.
  • Fundraise to help purchase items that will benefit Memorial Middle School and
  • Supports PTA Student of the 9 Weeks where students are recognized for their
    hard work.
  • Assists Memorial in events: Anti-Bullying Week, Texas Public School week,
    Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as 8 th grade promotion celebrations.